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PeyderPay is a new generation financing model of Lider Factoring. Within what retail and e-commerce companies operating in the sectors such as technology, durable goods, furniture, health education, etc. can offer to their customers; is a practical and innovative payment system that offers all of the payment, financing, guarantee and collection services.

We carry out software and design consultancy in PeyderPay's projects.


Mapplico is a mobile application company enables companies/people create, launch and manage their own mobile e-commerce applications and mobile sites in few steps. Mapplico company has more than 4500 applications and more than 500.000 active users.

As Sysline, we provide consultancy services with our software team in mobile application projects developed by Mapplico.


Kredico is an online platform where the credit requests of its members are collected, scorecards are created and sent to contracted banks for credit approval. Kredico works with the membership system. Separate scorecards are produced for individual and business members. Kredico Rating is updated according to the loan repayment conditions.

We continue our mobile and web software consultancy services for the credit scoring systems of Kredico.